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Geotechnical Investigation Course

Geotechnical Investigation Course

Syllabus of geotechnical Investigation Course

Introduction to current Indian Standards
Impact on Existing Codes and Changes to Practice –
Description of Coarse Soils - Practical – Coarse Soils (Sands & Gravels)
Description of Fine Soils - Practical – Fine Soils (Clays & Silts)
Description of Organic and Man Made Soils - Practical - Organic and Man Made Soils
Schedule numbers

Vane Shear Testing
Standard Penetration Test (Spt) (Astm D1586-11)
Cone Penetrometer Test (Cpt) (Astm D5778)
Dynamic Cone Penetration Test (Dcpt) (Astm D6951)
California Bearing Ratio (Cbr) Test (Astm D1883)
Pressure Meter Testing)
Triaxial Tests
Plate Bearing Value Test (Astm D1195))
Permeability Test (Astm D2434)
Compression Test (Astm D4546))
Consolidation Test (Astm D2435)
Direct Shear Test (Astm D3080)
Fines Content Test (Astm D1140)
Particle Size Analysis Test (Astm D422)
Moisture Content Test (Astm D2216)
Hveem’s Resistance Value Test (Astm D2844)
In-Place Density Tests
Aashto Soil Classification (Astm D3282)
PROCTOR test(IS:2720)
Liquid limit & Plastic limit test(IS:2720)
MODULE-3 Earth Resistivity Test (per IS 3043:1987): Soil resistivity directly affects the design of a grounding (Earthing) electrode system and is the prime factor that determines the resistance to earth of a grounding electrode or grounding electrode system. Therefore, prior to the design and installation of a new grounding electrode system, the proposed location shall be tested to determine the soil's resistivity.

Module-4 : Load testing

Pile load Test (Compression and Lateral)
Vertical Load Test (Compression) as per IS: 2911 (Part IV) - 1985
two types of Vertical Load Tests (in compression):-
(1) Initial
(2) Routine Test
1. Lateral Load Test as per IS: 2911 (Part IV) – 1985
2. Pull-Out Test as per IS: 2911 (Part IV) - 1985
MODULE-5 :Offshore Pile Monitoring/ Dynamic Pile Testing

MODULE-6:High Strain Dynamic Pile Testing (HSDT) / Pile Driving Monitoring– ASTM D 4945.

MODULE-7 Low Strain Dynamic Pile Testing/ Pile Integrity Testing (PIT) –ASTM D5882 MODULE-8 SITE ASSESMENT (CONTOUR MAPPING)

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