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Running Bills:

Running bills are prepared every month based upon the work executed in the site. The

Billing engineer has to take the actual measurement at site and prepare the bill. The

running bills should be raised before 25 th of every month and submitted for certification,

along with the invoice before 28th of the month.

A copy of the running bill has to be forwarded to estimation department on 25 th of every month. The running bills should be certified within 28 days from preparation. The Bill submission date varies as per Location of site and requirement of client.

Running bill abstract shall be divided into three parts

Annexure A: Items as per PO

Annexure B: Items Exceeding PO

Annexure C: Non Tendered Items

In Annexure A, all the items as per the Purchase order / work order should be included

irrespective of whether its executed in the site or not. If an item is not executed then the

quantity and value will be zero.

In Annexure B, only the items, which are exceeding the PO/WO, shall be included. The

items number should be same as that of the PO. The quantities that are exceeding the PO

quantity shall be included in this annexure.

In Annexure C, all non-tendered items are included. The specification and quantity as

executed in the site are shown in this annexure. The estimation department will give the

rate for the non-tendered item.

All non-tendered items should be supported by any of the


(a) Site Instruction from Client/architect/consultant

(b) Drawings issued by the architect

(c) Confirmation of Verbal instruction issued by


(d) Minutes of meeting, if the same is discussed & approved in the


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