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In the field of property management it is of utmost importance to know government rules & regulations governing high-rise buildings from the fire safety & fire fighting point of view.

Suitable provisions should be made in all multi-storied, high-rise buildings depending on the occupancy & height of the building & should be in accordance to the provisions of part IV Fire Protection of the NBC of India.

In addition to these provisions, the property manager or security in- charge shall make arrangements for extra equipment required, if

felt necessary, and shall review it periodically to ensure the property always comply with the mandatory requirements.

Any additions and omissions as per amendments prescribed from time to time of the National Building Code of India are to be adhered to.

Building Materials

All load-bearing elements of construction for which the required fire resistance is one hour or more should be of non-combustible material.

Interior finish material (wall panelling, floor coverings etc.) must have rating for flame spread &

smoke developed not exceeding very low flame spread limit & should be in accordance with IS: 1642

(class I) provisions.

Ceiling linking shall be non-combustible or of plasterboard.

Stairways & corridors should not contain any combustible material.

Structural supports & load bearing walls should be 3 hours Fire resistant, transoms & ceiling not less than 2 hours.

Walls/partitions separating corridors form floor used for any purpose other than circulation should be Fire resistant not less than 1 hr. These should not have openings other than doors or delivery hatches, which should be at least ½ hour Fire resistant.

Firewalls dividing the building to prevent Fire spread should be at least 2 hours Fire resistant.

Facades excluding doors & windows should be of non-combustible material & the distance between the top of the opening on the lower floor & the still of that on the floor above it should be at least 0. 9 meters so that the Fire would have to travel the distance between floors.

Staircase Enclosures

Internal enclosing walls of the staircase shall be of brick or RCC with a Fire resistance of 2 hours & shall be reachable via a ventilated lobby through self-closing door rated not less than 2 hours & shall not have glazed or glass bricks.

The door should be single swing type opening in the direction of escape & should be fitted with check section door closures (panic bars).