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Building Materials Interview Questions for Civil Engineering Students and Construction Professionals


(a)What are the qualities of good building stones?Discuss them. 

(b)What is the texture of rock.Enumerate its various types. 


(a)Discuss the varieties of terra-cotta? 

(b)Write the advantages, disadvantages and uses of terra-cotta. 


(a)Describe the chemical composition of cement. 

(b)What are the good characteristics of aggregate used in cement concrete?


(a)Draw a neat cross-section of an exogenous tree and show various components of it and explain. 

(b)Distinguish between mild steel and hard steel. 


(a)What is a raft foundation ?When and where is it preferred to other shallow foundations.Explain with a neat sketch. 

6.(a)Discuss the advantages of modular bricks . 

(b)Discuss the advantages of brick masonry over stone masonry. 


(a)State briefly the requirements of a good staircase.

(b)How are treads & risers proportioned.

(c)Where do you use the following types of stairs

i. Dog-leggedstair. ii.Open newel stair. iii.Geometrical stair. 

8.Describe the procedure of carrying out plastering in cement mortar on new and old wall separately?

9. Name any four important stones used in the building construction

10. What are the advantages of refracting bricks?

11. What is meant by bulking of sand?

12. Define compaction of concrete

13. Name any four wood based products6. Define bearing capacity of soil

14. What are the uses of adhesives?

15. What are the important sources of dampness?

16. What are the uses of stone masonary?

17. What are the advantages of R.C.C. floors?

18. What is BC and SDBC?

BC-Bituminous Concrete

SDBC- Semi Dense Bituminous Concrete

19. What is the tallest man made structure in the world?

KVLY-TV is the best man made construction in the world. Its height is 2063 feet.